Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

I am S.Baba Partheban is my blog, created to share my views with respect to hair care, which is a major issue among people, both men and women, even from young age itself.

My postal address is - 10 Ramanujam Nagar, Karur -639002, Tamilnadu, India and anybody can contact me regarding this blog thru my e-mail id and you will be properly answered.

The content of this site are a collection of references and own experience compiled purely for the benefit of the readers. In this blog there is no transaction of money or business involved. Some citations from other sources are herewith explicitely thanked and wherever required due credit has been given to the author.

I have not deliberately used any cookies or tracking codes in this blog except java scripts of google.

This is a free blog that does not need anybody to sign in. But you can make your comments regarding the content, presentation and view and it will be properly attended and reviewed for your satisfaction.

Thanks for viewing my private policy. Bye.

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