Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hair Loss - Reason Known and Unknown

Our mom used to tell so many stories about her childhood hair. How long and dense it was? How beautiful and curly it was and how she managed that hair with the help of her mom? So everybody knows their own reasons and storied for hair fall or hair loss. If you try to reason out one by one the following points will appear:
  1. First and foremost is heredity - loss due to this is encoded and pre-written in the genes!
  2. Long time illness - such as chickenpox, influenza, typhoid, caner, leukemia's etc.
  3. Exposure to too much of dirt and dust.
  4. Exposure to too much of UV radiations from sun.
  5. Dry scalp or too much oily scalp.
  6. Exposure to chemical or very hot atmosphere in the work spot.
  7. pregnancy and hormonal disturbances due to child birth.
  8. Unethical practices such as dyeing the hair with different colors and shampooing frequently.
After knowing all these points how can you afford to loose your hair. Take care of your hair!

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